5 Things Your Web Design Needs To Check

Today getting a website designed is extremely easy and quick. But, to win the competitive race, business entrepreneurs often forget what their web design actual lacks and what loopholes it has. Nonetheless, they continue with the same website without paying any heed resulting in a failed first online impression from the visitors. Not all companies focus on client website and design them with utmost dedication, commitment and promising quality like 10alogo does. So, you better make sure to check the following points to ensure that you are giving your visitors a convincing, interactive and promising website. With every website the main aim is to engage the visitor. Is your website doing that?

Check #1: The Look & the Layout
Is your site header and overall graphics looking home-made or are giving a professional hint in the theme designed? Is your site really convincing you that the money you spent on the designer was actually worth it? Or does it look like the designer hardly spent ten minutes to compile everything into a site? Give your site a critical look and analyze if the graphics are really complimenting your business theme. If yes, then you are good to go; if no, then a professional redo is a must! Check if your site is really making an impressive first impression.

Check #2: The Colors
Are the colors complimenting each other and creating the desired feel from the visitor’s point of view? It is better to research beforehand about the effects of different colors and relates them with your business theme, then to start without planning with colors that don’t reflect and relate any business-relevant thing on your visitors. Colors are important to make the audience get engaged and interactive on your landing page and spend time browsing your website.

Check #3: Images
Make sure your web design consists of updated, current and lively images. Connect with your audience and build trust and loyalty through the images for an effective impression. With the right graphics, header photos and other images you have the power to trigger the desired emotions out of the audience to convince them in following the business call to action.

Check #4: Flow
Does your website has a logical flow or everything is placed haphazardly? Is the navigation process quick and easy to understand? Do your visitors feel lost when they land on your website? These answers need critical analysis of your business website where you need ensuring that everything is perfect for your targeted audience. Create visual flows using custom graphics, colors, and simple menu tab or widget placement.

Check #5: Version
Is your website build on WordPress? If yes, then good enough; but if you are running an old html website or a flash site, then it’s time you must adapt the change. With the 10alogo professional services you ensure that you have an effective site running relatively inexpensively with promising quality.

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