Do You Know The Actual Length Of A Viral Video?

Viral Video

So, how long it should actually be? It is a question that most individuals ask and it is also an essential question which most of the content makers are not asking.  The answer isn’t essential about the particular length and it is not even about the content but it is actually about the context used.

Some of the viral video is too long and filled with full of information. They usually run about 30 minutes. On the other hand, there short visual clips that would last for 10 seconds.

We usually avoid the clips with lengthy duration and are more inclined towards short and compelling clips. Short clips are used as an effective marketing tool and are the most successful campaigns with great engagement.

The Best Range of a Short Clip

It is important that your short visual clip should fall in between 1 and 3 minutes. Having said that shorter clip is always better and compelling than that of long content.

But… how it is possible? You have a lot of data and ideas to share with your target audience and you don’t want them to miss any of the information such as tech specs, performance numbers, product descriptions and other things. However, when you place all the things in your clip it becomes unappealing and bloated. Moreover, creating a long clip feels like an interruption and it doesn’t provide any insight.

Here are the two ‘worst case’ scenarios. Suppose that your viral video clip is too short, it leaves your viewers with an incomplete understanding and the query increases. However, queries could lead them deeper. A high quality 60 second visual clip on your home page could lead your viewer to the technical info in text beneath the clip. This persuades them to look for further information available on the website.

In any case, if your visual clip is too long, your viewers will not only stop watching but they even stop searching.  The major reason for that is you have killed their curiosity. They lose interest in your content and think that the rest of the clip is not worth engaging and valuable.

Therefore, it is essential to target the right length to maintain the balance. Moreover, it is important to remember that is less about what you say and more about what your viewers are ready for. So, make them want to know more and keep it snappy.

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