Stop Damaging Your Brand Identity And Corporate Reputation With Free Logo Generator

So, are you designing a logo with free software? Alright! That sounds awesome, doesn’t it? And easy too! Really? Did we just say “easy”? If you think designing a brand typeface is a simple process. Believe me that it’s a delusion. To start with, a typeface is not about some fonts, colors and fancy taglines. It’s a corporate identity. A brand type face is more identified than its brand name. The design process requires ideas, creative inputs and organized planning. In other words, a free logo generator is not a valuable option to promote you brand.

From bright text styles to amazing pictures till sparkling colors, free logo generator resembles like a box of sweets, a pleasure to the eyes and cools to make logo, until you download it. The end result will be ripped typeface. The main reason you opt for free software to design a brand identity because

• You think brand symbol is like picture frames and you know that no one can design brand symbol better than yourself.
• You are unwilling to spend the money on your brand identity.
• You believe that it’s your product that sells in the market and the brand typeface doesn’t matter.

But, the symbol created through the free logo generator looks like copied, blurry and messy image which spoils the brand perception and reputation of the business in corporate industry. By using the software to design a symbol creates a big risk to your corporate image.

How Free design software ruins you brand image?

• When you create a mark or a symbol with free designing software, none of the factor such as timeliness, simple, unique and memorable taken into consideration for a successful brand identity.
• The graphics used in you brand typeface is also used by plenty of other people and your design is in no way unique than your competitors.
• The complications and ambiguity in your brand identity makes your customers confused and make them to choose your competitors products or services.

How professional designers work for you brand identity?

• They analysis the latest design trends so that they come up with the element in the designs which will last for decades.
• Choice of colors that suits your corporate image and industry because some colors have negative effect on the customers.
• They take into account competitors brand designs and compare their success rate with their designs.

10alogo gives you professional experts to build your corporate image in a modified style. Our professional designers analyze the latest trends and focus on your target market and stake holders. The best part is that 10alogo offers you unique concepts and ideas that are easy on your pockets. It’s time to build a positive image than damaging it with free logo generator. Call + 1 888 311 0250 NOW to get the best services.

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