The 5 Golden Keys To Effectively Design Logo For Guaranteed Business Growth

Most commonly known as the five designing principles are actually the keys to design logo effectively, ensuring guaranteed business growth via strong brand identity. An effective brand identity is healthy for the business growth and sustainability. It communicates the brand concept to the customers and increases the business value. Your logo is similar to the Coat of Arms which increases brand recognition, conveys business message with quality and credibility.

Golden Key# 1: SIMPLE
As simple it sounds, it is a technical and crucial step. Simplicity comes from:

• Symmetry and Proportion- it ensures that your logo is well-balanced and visually pleasing.
• Refined color scheme- keep the color count between 2 to 3 for consistent branding.
• Clarity- without any confusion everything is clear to the customer the instant one views the logo.

Golden Key# 2: MEMORABLE
The second key is memorability which is not for a day or two but for long time period. Remembrance ensures:

• Uniqueness – originality is the key for customers to memorize the logo for longer time. The design must not be copied or inspired. It must be outstanding and unique.
• Definition–surprising element, easy message definition helps in easy understanding and quick grasp of the design.
• Distinctiveness–smart, creative, original and different. Staying different is the key so that your logo doesn’t blend with thousands of other symbols in the market.

Effective logo always passes the test of time smoothly. Strong logos are timeless and yet effective. Timelessness is guaranteed when:

• Avoid cliche –do not opt for unoriginality by using cliches. Avoid metaphors, euphemisms and negative connotations. Opt for fresh meanings and concepts.
• Avoid trends–no logo lasts long if it is created according to the trends and fads. They come and go; customers follow and leave them time to time. Make your logo a trend-setter.
• Surpass fashions– fashions come and go with public opinions. What’s popular is only effective for the time being.

Golden Key# 4: VERSATILITY
An effectively design logo is anywhere and everywhere. Your logo is versatile when it is:

• Transferable– it is used in any medium with consistency.
• Effective– the logo is not dependent on the colors to convey the core concept.
• Flexible–any design size doesn’t affect the vector graphic of the logo.
• Reversible- it ensures that the design when printed in reverse allows the logo flexibility.

A quality logo is always relevant to the business and the customers. Appropriate logos come from:

• Relevancy–business-relevant logo gives guaranteed business growth and prosperity.
• Target – simultaneously, the logo must trigger the right emotions of target customer.
• Communication–appropriate logo strengthens business perceived value in the market.
• Meaning– the designing elements say a lot about the business values, brand and audience.

10alogo gives the guaranteed success from effective logo from these five golden keys with successful execution to keep the brand identity refreshing and lasting.

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